Discovery Biology

Discovery Biology is an integrated process that involves multiple scientific disciplines, with the ultimate goal of delivering a validated and characterized lead candidate as quickly and efficiently as possible. The process is not linear, and it requires making various decisions to identify hit and lead series with varying risk-benefit profiles. To achieve this, offers various discovery biology services, including custom assay development, assay transfer and validation, screening library conceptualization and design, low-, medium- and high-throughput screening campaigns, logistics support for HTS, in vitro studies, and CADD support for compound selection.

One of the advantages of working with is that they offer access to their entire compound collection, which includes millions of samples, allowing for cherry-picking to identify the best compounds for a given project. Additionally, there is no compound charge if using HTS services. Projects can scale from as low as 10,000 to millions of compounds for screening campaigns, while also providing immediate SAR, resupply, synthetic protocols, medchem FTE, and project support. The availability of novel and proprietary chemistry further enhances the potential for identifying the best lead candidate with the greatest chance of developing into a drug.